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Lisa's 10* Most Anticipated 2018 Releases

*eh. I did try to limit myself to just ten….

Hi, everyone! I was too busy to post anything earlier in the week, plus I haven’t been reading anything much (boo).

I’ve been seeing recap and ‘Best of 2017’ posts all over my Twitter timeline. It feels a little surreal to think that it’s almost the end of the year. I will be listing down my best books of 2017 soon and I plan to limit myself to just ten mentions…but as you can see in this list I’m about to share, I can never limit myself to a number.

Anyway, since my Best of 2017 is still in the works, I’m going the easy road and share with you the books I just can’t wait to read in 2018, in no particular order.

Let’s start!


Kate Meader will be releasing three books next year! I don't know how to express my excitement eloquently, but I'm so very glad that we will get a new series right after the Chicago Rebels end. Kate's books always have the prettiest covers as well; I love the colours (and abs) in the first two, and the Down with Love cover reminds me of Lauren Layne's books which I love. The series will be about three hot-shot divorce lawyers "who think they know everything about marriage, relationships, and women will learn that, in fact, they know jack shit."

Yep, sold.


I'm always here for Lauren Layne's dudes in suits. The blurb sounds like it's going to be a little bit of enemies-to-lovers, which is just my thing. I'm still wincing at the May release date, though (MAY???).

The awesome knitting gang from Penny Reid's KITC series is coming back, and this time it's Kat and Dan's story (FINALLY)! I've been ready for this book ever since I finished Dating-ish.

Dmitri Romanov *swoony sighs* and his own story is coming in February (also FINALLY). I hated him on first sight in O'Malleys #2 (he was muy terrible), but he turned out to be the most intriguing character in the series and believe it or not, I want him to have his HEA. Well played, Katee Robert.


One day I shall write about my immense love for Kristen Ashley's stories and characters, how she fulfills every need that I have for romance (second chance love? alpha male bikers? hotshot PIs and commandos? men in uniforms? twenty year of separation and angst?) and how she manages to keep my single-dad shelf on Goodreads alive almost single-handedly, but today is not that day. 

Julia Sonneborn's By the Book has been pitched as a Jane Austen's Persuasion retelling and I, a Captain Wentworth stan, am very much looking forward to this story. 

I read the excerpt of Kate Clayborn's Luck of the Draw after I finished Beginner's Luck and hello, Aiden O'Leary! The story is going to have fake relationship in it and if that's not catnip then I don't know what it is. 

I still hate the dress on the cover of Hello Stranger but I'm so ready to read Dr. Garrett's story. Lisa Kleypas based her character on the real Dr. Garrett, or Elizabeth Garrett Anderson, the first female physician in England, and also the only female physician in England for some 20-30 years.


Just...don't get me started on this one. 
I've waited 84 years for this book and if it gets pushed back again I'm going to bloody cut somebody.

How many books are in YOUR 2018 anticipated lists?

 Let me know in the comments!

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