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My Teachers Never Looked Like This: Getting Schooled by Emma Chase

by Emma Chase
Series: Getting Some #1
Genres: Contemporary, Romance
Publisher: Self-Published
Publication Date: June 26th 2018
Source: Bought
Rating: ★★

Head of the class...
Garrett Daniels has this whole life thing figured out.
The cocky, charismatic former high school star quarterback is an idolized football coach and "cool" teacher in the hometown where he's not just a golden boy—he's platinum. He has good friends, a great house on the lake, and the best damn sidekick a man could ask for: Snoopy, the albino beagle.
Then...Callie Carpenter comes home.
And knocks him right on his tight end zone.
Back to school...
Callie has a pretty sweet life herself...on the other side of the country. But circumstances—that she'd prefer to never speak of again—have brought her back home, helping out her parents and substitute teaching at her old high school.
Now she's facing bickering, raging hormones, constant gossip, awkward weirdness, and drama galore...and that's just the teachers.
Just like old times...
When Garrett offers to show his former high school sweetheart the secrets of his winning teacher ways, Callie jumps at the chance—and then has to stop herself from jumping him.
Good friends are all they can ever be.
Or...these teachers just might end up getting schooled—hard—by love.

Trigger warning (highlight to see): Pet death - Garrett's dog dies of old age.

I always look forward to reading new books from Emma Chase. She never fails to deliver on the humor and the romance. I couldn't wait to pick up Getting Schooled when it was first announced, only to be a little let-down when I found out it would only be out in audiobook for the first few months. Still, when it finally released on Kindle, I was eager to get to it. While I wouldn't say Getting Schooled is anywhere near my favorites from this author, it was a fun romance book.

Emma Chase always writes funny and entertaining male leads. I really enjoyed Garrett's voice in this book. He worked as a history teacher and a football coach at the local high school and was very devoted to his students' successes. I thought his close bond with the kids, who could sometimes be very difficult, was so swoony. The guy also had an old dog who was his best friend and who he was willing to give up his life for. Are you guys swooning yet???? Garrett was a genuinely charming guy and you could tell that he was a good person as well since he was constantly willing to help people. I have no doubt that anyone who picks up Getting Schooled will easily fall for this guy.

After a ridiculous - seriously, SO RIDICULOUS - accident forces Callie's parents on bedrest, she returns home and takes up a job as the theatre director. This brought her face to face with the boy she loved in high school, Garrett. I liked Callie's personality too. I thought she was sweet and loving, just as Garrett. Over her time at the high school, she too became attached to the students and positively influenced several of them. I enjoyed watching her passion for theatre and her desire to teach these teens come to life.

The romance in Getting Schooled was where the book faltered a little for me. Callie and Garrett were high school sweethearts, so what we had here was a second-chance romance. It's one of my favorite tropes usually, but I don't think it was executed all that well in this book. I felt like the two of them jumped into a relationship too soon. I wanted them to take their time to get to know the grown-ups that they had become better and I also needed some angst to give their romance some oomph. Don't get me wrong, Callie and Garrett did have chemistry, but there was just something unsatisfying in their relationship for me. Simply put, this wasn't a romance that stood out for me.

Overall, Getting Schooled was an entertaining read. As I said, it's not my favorite from Emma Chase, but I look forward to reading more from the series. I wonder which secondary character will be next...

What are some of your favorite summer romances?
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