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About Us

My name is Cristina, I'm 30 something girl from Portugal, who's trying desperately to finish my thesis (spoiler alert: procrastination is a b***h). I love book, especially romance, so don't be surprised when I spend all my time talking about a great romance I just read.!

Lisa is an almost-30 year old, recent graduate who really should be focusing on finding an engineering job but how do you do that when there are so many great romance books to read? Someone teach her please! Anyway, to say that she's a big romance buff feels like understatement; she reads romance novels (and cries about them) almost all the time. Her high expectations of real life men can be attributed to all the love stories she reads. Her first love is contemporary romance, but she started reading regency romance a couple of years ago and she hasn't stopped since.

Nick is a 24-year old lover of all things books, romance, and happily ever afters. When not curled up with a delicious book, she can be found binge-watching the latest Netflix shows. She will devour anything with a romance like a rabid dog, and she's not ashamed of her love for hot book boyfriends, and steamy book sexy times. Too bad she's probably the least romantic individual ever in real life. She also has a passion for science, particularly the health sciences and cooking. She also blogs at The Infinite Limits of Love.