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It's written in the (Hollywood) stars!

by Mia Sosa
Series: Love on Cue #1
Genres: Contemporary Romance
Publisher: Avon
Publication Date: September 19th 2017
Source: ARC received for review
Rating: ★★★★1/2
Amazon - Kobo
After a very public breakup with a media-hungry politician, fitness trainer Tori Alvarez escapes to Aruba for rest, relaxation, and copious amounts of sex on the beach—the cocktail, that is. She vows to keep her vacation a man-free zone but when a cute guy is seated next to her on the plane, Tori can’t resist a little harmless flirting.
Hollywood heartthrob Carter Stone underwent a dramatic physical transformation for his latest role and it’s clear his stunning seat mate doesn’t recognize the man beneath the shaggy beard and extra lean frame. Now Carter needs help rebuilding his buff physique and Tori is perfect for the job. It doesn’t hurt that she makes his pulse pound in more ways than one.
Sparks are flying, until a pesky paparazzo reveals Carter’s identity. Tori is hurt and pissed. She wants nothing to do with another man in the limelight, but she’s still got to whip him into shape. Can Carter convince Tori he’s worth the threat to her privacy that comes with dating a famous actor, or will Tori chisel him down to nothing before he even gets the chance?
Grab the popcorn...
I had so much fun reading this book! 

The story is fast paced, and yet the romance build-up is slow and steady. Tori and Carter both had my heart from the start. I love them as individual characters and together as a couple. They were so right for each other! There was so much chemistry between them that ending up together was inevitable. I love how easy their friendship, and then relationship, was. I also love how smitten Carter was with Tori—this dude saw Tori on the plane and be like, “Yep, that’s my future wife.” And he fell even harder for her as the story progressed and they got to know each other. Tori and Carter both had their own hang-ups, but they worked through their issues together. They also maintained honest communication with each other, which I appreciate that so much. I just hate when characters jumped to conclusions and did not talk to each other—I’m not about that drama.

I also love that both Tori and Carter were family-oriented. I adore Carter’s family! Carter’s mom is a riot; I love how nosy she is. I love how close they were with each other. Tori, on the other hand, had some problems with her family that mainly stemmed from the fact that she was a fitness instructor in a family that had a food business. I felt her fear for her father who had survived two strokes, and her frustrations toward her mother and sister who seemed to not care for his diet as they should. I can relate to Tori’s Puerto Rican family and their love for food—we Malays have a food culture, too, and our identity is closely tied with it. It’s so hard to have some sort of well-balanced diet when your food is just rich in everything and refusing to eat them is a sign of disrespect, LOL. I love how they worked things out in the end.

Another thing that I love is Tori’s and Carter’s friendships with the side characters. I love that the side characters did not just exist but were actually a fully involved part of the main characters’ lives. Carter and Tori have supportive best friends, although I still don’t know what to make of Carter’s best friend/agent, Julian; he seemed so…tired of the whole show business…

Overall, ACTING ON IMPULSE was my first Mia Sosa book, and it will not be the last. The chapter-to-last was emotional for me, and it kind of reminded me of Julie James' Just the Sexiest Man Alive. I’m especially excited for Carter’s sister Ashley’s book. The excerpt in the end was amazing! I can’t believe I have to wait until 2018 for her and Julian’s book. 

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