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Who Run The World Book Heroines Tour

Hi friends!

Lisa, Cris and I are very excited to share with you all 3 of our favorite book heroines as part of the #WhoRunTheWorld: Meet Your Next Heroine tour. Meet these 3 incredible heroines and make sure to add these books to your TBRs if you haven't met them yet! I hope you guys enjoy the post! Also, make sure to enter the giveaway at the end of the post.

Beatrix Hathaway (Lisa Kleypas' Love in the Afternoon)

How do I even begin to express my love for Lisa Kleypas? She's one of my favourite historical romance authors, and her Wallflowers and Hathaways series are some of my favourite romance series of all time. 

I had a hard time trying to pick one LK heroine to showcase for this tour, but after much deliberation I decided to go with the youngest Hathaway, Beatrix. She's so utterly lovable, she's soft and gentle but at the same time quite opinionated and unabashedly so.

Beatrix was always sought after at London social events. She was a pretty girl, if not classically beautiful, with her blue eyes, dark hair, and tall, slender figure. Gentlemen were attracted by her freshness and charm, unaware that she showed the same patient interest to hedgehogs, field mice, and misbehaving spaniels. (…) It was universally agreed among the Hathaways that few men would be able to understand or handle her. She was a force of nature, unhampered by conventional rules.

Married by Morning, Lisa Kleypas

Why I Love Beatrix Hathaway

She’s very intelligent. She knows more about animals than any other people, and she’s not afraid to show it. She also keeps herself updated with the current news and politics, and she is brave in voicing out her opinions. 

She has a big heart. Beatrix is known for her gentleness and kindness to both people and animals, especially the latter. She keeps many unusual pets, from a goat to a ferret to a hedgehog, and she rescues strays. In LITA, she helped heal aggressive Albert, Christopher’s pet terrier and war companion, into a normal, healthy dog again. Beatrix is also generous with her compassion, which really showed in her ways of handling Christopher and his PTSD. 

She’s unapologetically true to herself. I really admire her sense of self. She knows that she’s unconventional and peculiar by society standards, but she’s never tried to change herself to fit in with the ton.

Nina (Chasing Crazy by Kelly Siskind)

Have you guys read this book? This is how Chasing Crazy starts:

After much deliberation, I’ve determined there are three official have-to-pee stages.
Stage one: Acknowledgment in the brain that liquid has been consumed and hours have passed since the bladder was relieved, but the matter isn’t urgent.
Stage one happens at the terminal when I break my cardinal flying rule: Always pee before boarding.

This start made me fall in love with Kelly Siskind's writing, and also with her character, Nina. Because any character that has these kinds of things running through their minds, is amazing.

Why Nina is AMAZING:

Her name is Pininfarina! Unique name, right?

She's a mess! She's accident prone and humiliating situations... yeah, she's a first grade klutz.

She's funny, as evidence by her amazing internal dialogues.

She's giving and she has the biggest heart. She's such a good person, and she always tries her best.

She's quirky, adorable and insecure. But with that said, she's super brave! It's not easy to leave everything you ever known, got on a plane and travel to the other side of the world without help or support.

She's finding herself, and she's breaking her own barriers and going out of her comfort zone. Bonus points for that.

Lily (Pretty Face by Lucy Parker)

Lily was stealing the show. She was working the audience like a seasoned pro, and they responded beautifully to every tense moment and unexpected quip. (...) "Lily. Holy shit. Talk about exceeding expectations."

I know this quote might not reveal the most about Lily to those who don't know what happened immediately before this scene, but if you understand the context, this is the very moment you realize just how incredibly strong and brave she is.

Why Lily Is My Favorite Heroine

 She's a hard worker. Lily pushes herself to the limit to get her work done and I find that so admirable.

Being the beautiful woman she is with a porn-star-ish voice, she has to endure a lot of crap from fans of her TV show, her peers and even from Luc at the beginning of the book. But this is a woman who is unapologetically proud of herself. She doesn't let others' opinion of her put her down and continues to do the best to meet her goals.

She is an incredible friend. Her best friend, Trix, had a rough phase in her past when she was involved with an abusive man who made Trix second guess everything, including her friendship with Lily. Despite it all, Lily stuck with her friend and lending her a supportive shoulder to cry on when Trix comes to the realization of what she has been enduring. Trix and Lily's friendship is one of the best female friendships ever.

She is overall an incredibly supportive and kind woman. She will drop everything, and even endure her name being tarnished to be there for the people she loves. The way she just ran to be by Luc's side when his mom is hospitalized especially revealed that side of her.


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