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Lisa's 2018 Bookish Goals

Hi, guys! How is your 2018 so far?

As for me, I’m already failing with my new year resolution to journal consistently. I missed four days now hahahaha trying to get in the habit is so hard, but I’m not giving up just yet.

Also, please welcome Nick back from her short hiatus! She reviewed Man Hands by Sarina Bowen and Tanya Eby in her Tuesday post (this book is hilarious so if you haven’t checked it out then this is your cue!) as well as Lauren Layne’s upcoming release.

I don’t have any reviews for today. Instead, I’m going to share with you 4 bookish goals or resolutions that I wish to accomplish this year.


I’m so, so bad at managing my financials, honestly. Most of the time I get confused as to where all my money went (to books…to books, of course). Last year I bought less physicals; my purchases were usually YA books, and I read next to none in YA last year. But my e-book purchases? They were all over the place. The auto one-click setting is so dangerous, my friends. I plan to use Crini’s spreadsheet for this mission. Wish me luck!


My personal goal is not to focus too much on ARCs this year, but instead to read the hundreds of books I already have on my Kindle and Kobo apps. Yes, hundreds (okay maybe not hundreds, but still)—I love one-clicking free e-books and then forget all about them, and the number keeps piling up! It is going to be a challenge especially since book twitter always be hyping up the latest books, but I vow to be more zen with the ARC-requesting.

Also, less requesting means less rejection hahahahahahahah I’m still bitter about the Netgalley thing. I know it’s not Netgalley’s fault but still.


This year, I’m planning all my blog posts early so I will always be on time with my Thursday schedule posting. I realize I’m already a day late with this post but since I only just wrote this down today, this post doesn’t count (heh). I also planned to work on and finish all the half-written blog posts in my draft (I have so many ideas but uh, little motivation).

While we’re at it, I also plan to read more blogs this year as well as comment on the posts I read. I’ve always been more of a silent reader, but I plan to be more interactive this time around.


I feel like I still haven’t reached a level I’m proud of when it comes to reading diversely, so this year I want to do better. Since my preference in romance is M/F pairing, I plan to be more inclusive with the books I read: more books with interracial relationships or those with people of colour, and more works by author of colour. I have quite a pile of books by AoCs already so time to make a dent on it.

Well, 4 goals won’t be as hard to achieve, I feel? Here’s to 2018!

What are your 2018 goals?

 Let me know in the comments!

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