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My Month in Books (so far)

Hey guys!

Today I'm gonna talk about some of the books I've read lately :), because I've read some amazing ones, and I want to share them.

I'll do a small take on the books below, and if you'd like, you can check out my full reviews of the books, just follow the links.
Secrets of a Summer Night by Lisa Kleypas [«««««]
Yes, I did it, I read my second historical romance and I loved it. Lisa and Nick were right, and I definitely trust their opinions and recommendations.

I listened to this on audiobook, and it was the best decision ever. I loved the narrator, and I found that I really like historical and 3rd person on audio. The writing helped, of course, this book was funny and romantic, and so so great.

Loved the romance, and the friendships, and the storyline. The character growth was amazing too. I can't wait to get my hands on the other books in this series, and I'll want the audio version of those as well.

Getting Schooled by Emma Chase [«««««]

This is one of my favorite stories of this year. And I'm so happy that this one is included in the Romance Package on Audible, because I loved loved loved the narration, Andi Arndt is always spectacular, but Zachary Webber was the perfect Garrett.

This is a second chance romance, and I really liked the lack of conflict. Garrett and Callie were perfect and a match made in heaven. They complement each other so well, and I love a good story of first love, and real love, and that's what this book was. Two amazing people finding their way back to each other, and solving misunderstanding and being amazing.

Two Wedding Crashers by Meghan Quinn [«««««]
Another amazing read. Meghan Quinn is definitly amazing, and her books are always hilarious. You have read her books, right? You better have... Moving on, she's hilarious, and this one was no exception. I liked this book way better than her first book in the series - it had the serious advantage of only having 1 love interest, so...

This is a "summer fling" turned more, and the characters are fantastic. I wasn't expecting to like the hero as much as I did, but OMG, he was great. And the chemistry was off the charts. I also really liked that serious subjects have place in the book and in the romance. I liked that they were addressed and made part of the plot.

The Hook-Up Experiment by Emma Hart [«««««]

Emma Hart is a bit a hit or miss for me, but she writes some amazing single dads, and that is one of my favorite things in romances... *sigh*.

This is a mix of a lot of tropes, and it's very well done. We have a second chance romance, also a bit of enemies to lovers, casual to more, and a sexy single dad for whom his little girl is the center of his universe.

The book is hilarious, and the characters are fantastic and complex. I especially loved Peyton, and I have to say something about Emma Hart's books. She always highlights the girls on the covers, instead of the men. For some reason I find this amazing, maybe because it's not that common.

Other reads:

Tap That by R.C. Boldt and Jennifer Blackwood

Virgin Territory (Hellions Angels #3) by Lia Riley

The Knocked up Plan by Lauren Blakely

So... I loved most of these books, have you read any of them? 
What are your thoughts on them?

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