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Series I loved: Billionaire Bad Boys

Hey guys!

I've been missing for the last couple of weeks, and I'm sorry about that. I unexpectedly had a training at work for over a week, and it left me beat every single day. It was great, and it was a great opportunity. Not only great in terms of my work, but I also had the opportunity of meeting some amazing new people.

Because I've been away for so long, today I decided to talk about a series that has made me laugh like crazy this past month. Have you ever read Max Monroe? What about their Billionaire Bad Boys Series?! If you haven't, you should. Eheh. If you haven't figured out yet, that's the series I'm gonna talk about today.

This series is composed of 3 full length novels and 5 accompanying novellas. Let me tell you what they're about:

Tapping the Billionaire (Book #1):

This is the first book in this series, and it introduces us to all the crazy characters, but focus on Kline and Georgia. Kline is the first Billionaire Bad Boy, and the owner of a big media company, while Georgia is the Director of Marketing for his company, so yeah, he's her boss.

This was hilarious, the chemistry between these two is off the charts, and the romance is swoon worthy. It's slow and romantic, and they make sense. There are some hilarious misunderstandings and complications, but it's all worth it.

Tapping Her (Book  #1.5):

Following book 1, Max Monroe gave us a novella, and it's all about Kline and Georgia's honeymoon, and their time on a tropical island, but we are also introduced to the off the charts chemistry of Thatcher and Cassie (the original couple's BFFs).

This book has some hilarious scenes with an asshole cat, ocean creatures, and Thatch's fascination with Cassie's assets.

Banking the Billionaire (Book #2):

Here Cass and Thatch's crazy is let loose, and it's glorious. These 2 are perfect for each other and they're definitly my favorite characters in this whole crazy group.

They are pranksters and I love the way their relationship started and evolved.

If you find the first book hilarious, you'll pee yourself on this one (not really, but you know what mean). Yeah, it's that good.

Banking Her (Book #2.5):

Another novella that bridges between book 2 and 3. On this one we get more of my favorite couple, Thatcher and Cassie, but we also see the beginning of Wes and Winnie's relationship.

Thatch and Cass are hilarious as always, I love that even though they grow and get more mature, they're still unapologetically themselves.

I really liked to finally get a good look at the 3rd Billionaire Bad Boy, Wes Lancaster.

Scoring the Billionaire (Book #3):

This romance is a little bit different from the previous ones, because Winnie is a mother. Oh yeah! I love romances with single parents, and Lex, Winnie's daughter steals the show whenever she's around. So, we not only get the romance and the growth of Win and Wes' relationship, but we also see Wes and Lex's relationship develop.

It was beautiful. Also, we get the first good look of the Mavericks, who have a series of their own.

Scoring Her (Book #3.5):

I believe this was supposed to be the last novella, the last hurrah to all 3 couples we have followed throughout 3 books and 2 novellas before.

It's a great conclusion. It shows all the couples and how much they have grown and evolved. It has some more hilarious scenes, and a lot of romance. And of course, it has a lot of Lexie, and the Mavericks make some appearances too. And it is told in 6 different POVs... eheh!

Mother Fluffer (Book #3.6):

So... I feel like this was a bonus novella.

It is a great little story from my favorite couple, and their pranking tendencies. Obviously told through Cassie and Thatch's points of view... who else's... And they really do some crazy stuff on this one...

So worth it!

Sleighed It (Book #3.7):

The last novella brings us the original couple, Kline and Georgia, while they try to navigate through the holiday season, a few years in the future.

Again, it shows our favorite couples in some hilarious situations and it has some great great moments of friendship and love. Swoon...

I'll miss this guys, but I'll get a glimpse of them at the spin off series.

Have you read this series yet?
Have you read anything by Max Monroe?
Did I make you curious to try?

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