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ARC Review: Bad Boy Brody by Tijan

Hey people. I received this book a few days ago for review, and I was about to write the review on my other blog, but then I decided against it. Because I'm in love with this book, and I want you all to know about it.

Bad Boy Brody has much more than a Hollywood bad boy, it also has a fantastic herd of mustangs, some mystery and a lot of heart. Check my review below.

by Tijan 
Genres: New Adult/Contemporary Romance
Publisher: EverAfter Romance
Publication Date: May 7th 2018
Source: ARC received from the author in exchange for an honest review
Rating: ★★★★★
One punch took him from Hollywood’s Golden Boy to Bad Boy Brody.
The media didn’t care he was grieving his brother’s death. They descended on him, but to change his reputation, his manager got him a deal.
Act in an indie film, one that already had Oscar buzz, and he’d get the movie roles he needed to secure his future.
He took the deal.
Yet he wasn’t prepared for the real-life people behind the script. He wasn’t prepared for the murder the movie was based on. And he really wasn’t prepared for her, the biggest secret of all.
She was wild. She was beautiful. She defied gravity.
But was she the leading role that would tame him?

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I love this book. It's one of my favorite books of the year. I love it. Love it. I wanted more. I wanted this book to keep going and going. I wanted another book after this one. I needed more of the characters. I NEEDED MORE!

The writing is surreally good. This book is told in 2 main POVs, told on the first person. Morgan and Brody have such different voices and way of looking at their lives. They have such different experiences and that is shown through their narration.

These two characters are AMAZING. Morgan is just... everything. I loved everything about her. The way she protected herself and the others around her. The way she lived as one with her chosen family. The way she loved, even when she thought she couldn't. I loved her growth. And her voice. The way she started hesitant and started opening her heart. She goes through a beautiful journey, and I loved every second of it.

And Brody, I really liked his growth too. He's so intense, but he respects the people he loves, so much. I couldn't get enough of him

These two broken individuals become complete with each other. Yeah, there is a bit of instalove on this one, but I have to be honest, it didn't bother me at all. The connection between Morgan and Brody is fantastic, they get each other in a very raw way, and they respect each other immensely, even though they have trouble understanding how the other one lives. Their feelings surpass that, and it's beautiful.

The story is beautiful and heartbreaking, and I have to say, I cried. And I cried because of Shoal and Shiloh, and their gorgeous connection to Morgan. The mustangs steal the show whenever they have page time, and that's often. The description of those moments is just beyond anything I could have hoped for.

So, people... If you haven't picked this book up yet, do. 
If it wasn't on your radar before, consider it. 
Because this book is way past AMAZING! Go get it.

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