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Three Romances From Non-American Authors

Hello friends!

My summer vacation is over, and I'm now back in Philadelphia. I was super sad to leave my parents, and I'm currently very home-sick, and also battling with an annoying case of jet-lag that won't go away. :( Anyways, the last few days I was home, I read a bunch of romance novels because romance novels always cheer me up. 

Check out my thoughts for a couple of them below!
ACT LIKE IT by Lucy Parker [★★★★★] 
Act Like It is one of my all-time favorite romance books. I first read the book in 2016 and fell in love with every word of it. I've since re-read the book twice, both this year. If that's not a sign of how much I love a book then I don't know how to word the depth of my fondness for Lucy's writing. Fake relationship romances are always so charming for some reason. You as a reader know that the couple will get together, so watching them initially try hard to battle it out is just an inexplicable experience. Act Like It stands out for me because of the characters. I love them all so damn much. Lainie, with her heart of gold, is so endearing. Her kindness, her loyalty and her wit make her character that's very much likeable. Then, there's grumpy-ass Richard, who has got a bit of a reputation, but who somehow finds a way under your skin, and settles in your heart. I love that even as his and Lainie's relationship progresses, he remains the class-a grump that he is. His brutal honesty is very much refreshing, and I just love this character with all my heart. The progression of the romance between Richard and Lainie is done so beautifully. Lucy Parker takes her time to develop the relationship, and we get to experience every small moment that furthers this bond between the two. It's heartwarming, and pure, and so so lovely. I melt every time I think of this pair. What's even greater is that we see the connection the two form. Not only that, they make each other better. Can you ask anything more than that from a romance? Anyways, if you haven't read this book yet, please do it. Then pick up Pretty Face as well, because OTP!! 
THE LOVE EXPERIMENT by Ainslie Patton[]

OK, so I'm going to have a fuller review for this one on my other blog, but I just HAD to talk about The Love Experiment on here as well. It came to my attention via a retweet from Lucy Parker. The minute I found out the author was an Aussie, I knew I needed to check it out. Then, she chatted with Lucy and I about the concept of the love experiment, and I was hooked. Guys!!! This romance was so delightful, and very much unconventional, which I absolutely loved. Not to mention, steamy as heck too. I loved the idea of the love experiment, which by the way is a very real thing, but what I loved most in this book were the characters. Derelie (rhymes with merrily) is a lifestyle writer who is very much still trying to find her place and passion in her company. When her coworker signs her up to try the love experiment with none other than Jackson, a renowned investigative reporter, her life is thrown upside down. Derelie is a sweetheart, and very easy to get behind and root for. Jackson was a cold-hearted, ruthless, grumpy bastard at first, but he grows on you as the story progresses. He has his reasons for being cold and emotionless, but as his relationship with Derelie moves along, we find out more about him and his softer side comes to light. He's initially a jerk to Derelie, often times rude as hell to her, but the man also has a conscience, and his apologies are so sweet. He really grows to become more comfortable with his emotions throughout the book, and even though he wants absolutely nothing to do with this love experiment, he can't help but be drawn to Derelie. Their relationship is a delight! There's so much excellent banter here, and the sexual chemistry is on fire!And Ainslie Patton has a way with words for sure - she truly is an incredible storyteller, whose books I desperately need to read more of! I can't recommend this book enough guys. Add this one to your piles!

HER BEST WORST MISTAKE by Sarah Mayberry[]

I recently read my first book by Sarah Mayberry that she co-wrote with Sarina Bowen, and really enjoyed it. So, I was really excited to read Her Best Worst Mistake as I had some phenomenal things about it from romance lovers. And wow!! What a book! Hate to love romances can be tricky to execute in my opinion because they can come across as very toxic, but here I thought it was done beautifully. The initial situation is sort of icky with Martin being Violet's best friend's ex-fiancee, but Sarah Mayberry does a really good job with the characters' reactions to the whole thing. Violet and Martin can't stand each other, but it's obvious that underlying all that dislike is a steaming pile of sexual chemistry. They could not be more different than each other, but they also seem to understand each other on a whole other level. The chemistry is hot, hot, hot, and the emotional connection that forms between the two is sweet, and believable, and will have you weeping at your relationship status (if you're single lol). Mayberry certainly knows her way around a sexy scene too. They had me blushing non-stop. I also loved the bond we see between Violet and Elizabeth even though Elizabeth is miles away getting it on with a hot Aussie. It's clear that these two mean a lot to each other, and the comfort level in their relationship had me smiling. Though admittedly, I did wish Violet would have opened up to Elizabeth about her new relationship with Martin a little bit earlier on. I also did understand where she was coming from though. Anyways, this was a fast read, and a very enjoyable one at that! Definitely give it a try if you haven't read it yet.

These are not recent additions to my TBR. In fact, they are books that I've been waiting to read for what feels like forever, but their covers were just revealed, so I thought I'd share the pretty here!

Click on the covers to take you to Goodreads!

35068792 34379725 Bountiful (True North, #4)

Loving the blue for the new Lenora Bell book! It's very soothing to the eyes. I also really love the backdrop to Hello Stranger, but ugh. THAT DRESS IS TERRIBLE. She's a doctor, it would have been great to see her in more of a doctor-friendly outfit! I'm totally digging that cover for Bountiful too. Who can resist the abs show? But ALSO. SARINA BOWEN IS A GENIUS! She's overlapping characters from her Brooklyn Bruiser's series in this one. I can't wait to read Bountiful!

What are some romance books you've read from non-US authors?
 Let me know in the comments below!

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