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When A Tropical Getaway Turns Steamy: Make Me Crave by Katee Robert

by Katee Robert
Series: Make Me #2
Genres: Contemporary, Erotica, Romance
Publisher: Harlequin Dare
Publication Date: July 1st 2018
Source: ARC received for review
Rating: ★★★1/2

“I crave you…”
Can their hunger be satisfied?

Roman Bassani will do anything to close a deal. Even chase down Allie Landers on her Caribbean vacation to make an offer on her company. He expects a challenge—but not their immediate intense attraction. After an accidental one-night stand they agree to put business aside—for now. The island lulls them into a heated sexual journey…but what happens to their opposing interests when they return from paradise?

So, am I shallow if I admit I read this book because of the cover? For real, I wanna be with this guy in that blue water. Now I could be in the beautiful blue water here on my island, but only it's winter so boo! Besides the eye-catching cover, I also read Make Me Crave because I'm a Katee Robert fan as a lot of you know. With this short book, I was expecting fun tropical smut and it delivered exactly that.

Allie Landers was one badass heroine. She was a plus-sized (which umm freaking finally!) and a woman who was completely comfortable in her body. It's about time that we get to see smart, beautiful and confident plus-sized heroines finding love in romance novels. Besides the confidence, Allie was also a generous and kind soul. She ran a women's shelter/gym to help women build their confidence as well as momentarily escape their memories. At the beginning of Make Me Crave, she was struggling financially, but Allie was extremely protective of her shelter and wouldn't easily sell it to investors even though she had quite a few lucrative offers. The shelter and the women were a huge part of her and she wouldn't easily give them up just for some profits. But she still needed to decide how she was going to deal with the financial downfall, which was why when her best friend suggested a tropical getaway, she agreed.

Unfortunately, or fortunately, for her, Roman Bassani follows her to the island.  You see Roman has been trying to get a hold of Allie for ages as he has an investor who very much wants to buy Allie's shelter from her. On their first night on the island, Roman and Allie wound up having a steamy one-night stand, without knowing who they are. You can imagine Allie's anger and frustration when she discovers who Roman is. The chemistry between these two was FILTHY. They were great together in and outside of the bedroom. Though Allie was a little stubborn about not wanting to do anything with him on her vacation, rightfully so, she eventually gave in. Roman was a typical alpha-male hero, in my opinion. He didn't particularly stand out to me, but I didn't hate him. I did like how he constantly made Allie feel beautiful. So yes, there's lots of steamy shenanigans and the setting only amped up the heat. Of course, over the course of this tropical getaway, the two of them became attached to each other and a romance grew between. Make Me Crave was definitely more focused on the physical/steamy aspects of the relationship, so don't go in expecting many emotional scenes.

If you're looking for a quick smutty read, give this one a try. It was a whole lot of sexy fun! ;)

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